Outdoor Wind Chimes

Aqua Tune - Truillusion Black
Dream Maker - Truillusion Black
Music of the Universe - Truillusion Black
Morning Song - Coppertop
Spirit of Maroon Bells - Pecan
Grandfather Clock - Bronze
Church Bell - Bronze
Mountain Serenade - Bronze
Ocean Breeze - Bronze
Tinker Belle - Malachite
Songbird - Malachite
Tranquil Rain - Malachite
Forest Edge - Malachite
Alpine Whisper - Mocha
Dutch Bell - Mocha
Country Music - Mocha
Sunsetter - Mocha
Morning Glory -  Truillusion Purple
Bleeding Heart -  Truillusion Purple
Evening Primrose -  Truillusion Purple
Canterbury Bells -  Truillusion Purple
Zephyr Valley - Tex Black
Spring Meadow Song - Tex Black
Sparkling Brooke - Tex Black
Big Ben - Terra
Court Haus - Terra
Hummer - Terra
Baby Ben - Terra
Melody of the Heart - Textured Copper
Song of Solomon - Textured Copper
King David's Harp - Textured Copper
Victory Bells - Textured Copper
Harmonica - Texture Copper
Solar Singer - Weathered Bronze
Serenity - Weathered Bronze
Summer Songfest - Weathered Bronze
Sonic Sound Waves - Weathered Bronze
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